Marine Conservation Activist Project

This project originally was created for a marine conservation and education based company founded and directed by an activist with a focus on joining music and conservation aimed to raise awareness for marine life with a specific focus on dolphins. Recently they were hired by a much more prominent organization to work undercover to aid conservation efforts and needs to ensure that their name doesn’t come up in search results on the web. I have been granted permission from said client to present this content in such a way so as to avoid web crawlers. You can learn more about this girl by watching the video below.


Logo: This individual has a love for mermaids and wanted to meld this love of fiction with that of a dolphin thus bringing the concept to life.


Video: In July of 2013 this individual was featured and honored at the Global Dolphin Awareness Event held in Melbourne, Australia’s Federation Square. She was asked to submit a 4-minute long video speaking about her work with conservation. This video was filmed in roughly an hour and edited in one night due to the last-minute request for the video from Australia.


Cut, Print, Check the Gate!

Wrote, Filmed, and Edited in One Night

Edited in After Effects

 (Really? Not Premiere?) Nope. AE 100%

This Girl Rocks!