Portrait Drawing Tutorial


A few years ago I taught a portrait drawing class and in an effort to ensure that the students had something to compare their work to once they left the class, I created a simple 4-page handout with a step-by-step how-to of a female face. The feedback was quite positive, so I uploaded it to www.deviantart.com to share with the online community and the response was even greater. There are currently over 166,000 views and multiple hundreds of positive comments. Below are just a few.

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Images Drawn By Hand (Bic Mechanical Pencil)

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This is AMAZING! I’ve always tried to do portraits and they always came out looking to…cartoon-like.

But now, I was just trying this while I read it and a very realistic face is now staring at me from my drawing pad!

Thank you so much!


This is superb, very well thought out and so easy to follow, Thank you for putting it on here!


This is literally the BEST tutorial I’ve seen! Thanks for posting it!