Tradeskool – Season Two (Superfood Superheroes)

Character Design, Digital illustration, and Layout Design

Tradeskool Cards are collectible trading cards that teach children various subjects including math, science, geography, and more, but in a way that just feels like a fun game. Season Two focuses on fruits, vegetables, nuts, legumes, grains, seeds, and herbs. What makes these unique is that each food is presented as an anthropomorphic superhero character. Each card has a hidden heart on the front and information on the reverse side explaining the health benefits, country of origin, and more. My role was to created 75 unique characters and design the layout for each card as well as the packaging of the individual packs of 8 cards and the box of 24 individual packs.

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Front and Back of Basil Card
Front and Back of Corn Card
Photoshop Icon


Painted In Adobe Photoshop

Card Layout Designed in Adobe InDesign