Motion Graphics – Hampton Inn Hotel

I was asked by Skagit Media Marketing on behalf of Hampton Inn Hotel to create an animated map of western Washington State indicating where the city of Burlington was in relation to Seattle, WA and Vancouver, B.C., ultimately showing the viewer the precise location of their hotel. I was then asked to pitch a video that fit this request. Once approved, I made use of Google Earth and captured a large number of high-resolution captures of the landscape, used a bit of After Effects magic, and created a seamless and smooth zoom from space, straight to the roof of the hotel. The client couldn’t be happier:

“I received feedback today on the video and your segment was a total hit! Thank you so much for your hard work and creativity!”


Created in Adobe After Effects

Graphics Created in Photoshop




Working with Chase has allowed us to incorporate the ‘wow‘ factor into our media productions. From creative concept to final (and speedy) delivery of assets, Chase has been an absolute pleasure to work with. Recently we asked for an animated segment to incorporate into a video for the Hampton Inn and Suites. They were very excited and impressed by what Chase produced and we also are so happy to have found him. We consider him an important contributor to our creative team.

-Skagit Media Marketing

Here is the commercial in it’s final presentation, created by Skagit Media Marketing (

Created in After Effects

It's In The Details

Graphics Created in Photoshop Before Being Imported to AE and Animated