I have the sort of personality that enjoys to try new things and I like to challenge myself to see if I can accomplish something I’ve never done before. A while back I was interested in writing a new song, but I wanted to do it in a style that I’d never experimented with in the past. I collaborated with an amazing singer from Los Angeles who was recently featured on the new Dr. Dre album “Compton” who ended up singing the chorus. It ended up being something that I loved and when it was all said and done I decided that I wanted to share it. I wanted to do the song justice, so I’ve been slowly chipping away at making a music video instead of just sharing the track straight up. So all that said, I’m excited to present to you the music video for my song “The Journey” featuring my great city of Seattle and surrounding areas. If you’re interested, you can also purchase this track for $0.99 by clicking below.