I was an traditional artist long before I discovered the wonders of Photoshop and Wacom drawing tablets. Over the years I have taught drawing classes, been featured in published media, and showcased my work at art shows. I truly cannot overstate the joy that creating something brand new brings to my heart. I quite enjoy both the micro and the macro side of things – from designing icons, to inking comic styles, or creating incredibly detailed gallery pieces. While I still occasionally will use pencils, these days most of my work is done digitally.


21 Draw is a book about character design, movement, faces & hands, drawn by 100 artists from Disney, Marvel, Pixar, Dreamworks, Sony and other giants of the industry. Each artist is given a character (superhero, priest, baseball player, femme fatale, etc.) The artist then designs this character and draws 10 different poses which include 2 full body reference poses (front & side), 3 action poses, 3 separate facial expressions, and 2 hand gestures.

These are a few of my pieces that are published in the book.

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