Landing Page

Original Design

The original website for Grizzly was in desperate need of a facelift when I arrived, but the powers that be felt that an update was unnecessary. I designed this landing page and pitched the concept to management who, upon review and after further discussion, warmly welcomed the design.

My Updated Design

My goal was to make better use of the page and remove the wasted white space. The original design had poor user experience and flow as a result of an unbalanced arrangement of icons/buttons and an page size the required unnecessary scrolling due to the page length.

I created a static header/menu and footer so as to avoid the need to scroll to access content on the main landing page. I brought the social media icons and related icons to the top in an effort to increase exposure and interaction. I also made a transition from multiple icons to a automatic slider that could showcase specials and products more effectively due to their location and increased size.


Digital Marketing


Subscriber/follower Increase

The images to the left represent a small collection of graphics I created for Grizzly Industrial. These images were used during digital marketing campaigns via email or social media, or were used to encourage user engagement with social media. After taking over the role of managing all social media accounts, the subscriber and follower count increased by multiple thousands in the first year.